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July 2023 We Bike Book Club

We Bike Book Club / Author talk with Katie Hafner

We’re excited to host novelist Katie Hafner for our July meeting of We Bike Book Club! We will discuss her latest novel, The Boys.

Curious about Hafner’s inspiration behind these unforgettable characters? Her creative process? Bring your questions for the author during the first part of our meeting (6:00-6:30ish). 

“What a wonder of storytelling. I will be thinking of these boys for a long time to come.”

Weike Wang — The New York Times Book Review, July 26, 2022

When introverted Ethan Fawcett marries fun-loving Barb, he has every reason to believe he will be delivered from a lifetime of solitude.To ease Ethan’s fears of becoming a father, Barb suggests they foster two young brothers, Tommy and Sam.

When the pandemic hits, Ethan becomes obsessed with providing a perfect life for them. But instead of bringing Barb and Ethan closer together, the boys become a wedge in their relationship

Then Ethan takes his foster sons on a biking trip in Italy, and it becomes clear just how unusual Ethan and his children are. 

This wise and compassionate debut novel is a bold high-wire feat – and the introduction of an exciting and daring new voice in fiction.

From Publishers Weekly: “Starting out as a lighthearted romance before taking an unsettling turn, this upsets expectations in the best way. The heartbreaking late reveal will take a second reading to fully sink in and pushes the troubled marriage genre to dizzying extremes.”

Available in print, ebook, and streaming audiobook formats.

About We Bike Book Club

The We Bike Book Club is a joint book club run by OPL and Bike East Bay. Started by Bike East Bay as part of their Women Bike program, WBBC is a community of people who celebrate bikes, books, and a more inclusive bicycling culture. We focus on voices and stories historically underrepresented in traditional bike culture, and occasionally expand our scope outside of biking to explore other related topics and stories.

We Bike Book Club meets online on the first Thursday of each month at 6pm. Co-hosted by Oakland Public Library and Bike East Bay.

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