Hearst Ave Complete Street Project Public Meeting

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
1st Floor Lobby and Conference Room - Energy Biosciences Institute (UC Berkeley)

UC Berkeley and the City of Berkeley are ready for your input on the final designs of the Hearst Avenue Complete Street Project, which includes a road diet on Hearst from 4 lanes to 2 lanes for cars. We like the intersection improvements for bikes such as bike boxes and green paint, and the seperated bike lane and new sidewalk proposed for the uphill blocks between Arch and Euclid.

Important Bike Issue

While staff are proposing buffered bike lanes between Shattuck and Oxford, we feel there is room for protected bike lanes, where you ride along the curb and parked cars are spaced to your left. It would look like this:

There will be resistance to the road diet from some. So, please come and support this bikeway design as well as the other safety improvements. Many pedestrian safety improvements are planned as well, including narrower pedestrian crossings, new sidewalks and calmer traffic, and two new bus boarding islands are planned.

The street address for EBI is 2151 Berkeley Way, but the building is the UC building located on the southwest corner of Oxford and Hearst. There is bike parking located along the paths leading to the building’s lobby from Hearst, Oxford and Berkeley Way.

For more information:
Todd T. Henry, AICP
Planner // Physical & Environmental Planning
UC Berkeley Real Estate Services
300 A&E Building, Berkeley, CA  94720-1382
(p) 510.642.1173