Film Screening - Rodando en La Habana and Velorution

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 6:30pm The New Parkway, Oakland

Rodando en La Habana

This independent, collaborative documentary by a largely Cuban crew tells of bicycling and community today, 20 years after the hardest time of the Special Period, when over 1 million imported Chinese bicycles aided survival on an island suddenly without Soviet petroleum (29 min. Spanish with English subs). 

Velorution: One City’s Solution to the Automobile

Havana, Cuba. How the city had to find different solutions to petrol shortage and came up with bicycles (1996, 28 min. Charles Phred Churchill and Bruce Petschek).


Event will also include a post-film discussion with Rodando’s associate director, Jennifer Ruth Hosek.

$10 for the double header. Tickets here.