Emeryville Bike Ped Advisory Subcommittee Meeting: Bay Trail freeway ramp crossing

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm Emeryville City Hall, Council Chambers

Regular every-other-month meeting of the Emeryville Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Subcommittee, which reviews city bikeway/development plans and advises staff on funding/planning proposals. Open to the public.

Full agenda available online here.

The agenda for this meeting includes a discussion about improving the Bay Trail crossing of the freeway off-ramp along Powell Street in Emeryville, where a bike rider was hit and injured earlier this year.

We are organizing a 5pm pre-meeting visit to the site location on the south side of Powell Street between Christie Ave and Frontage Road (map here), and then biking together from there to Emeryville City Hall for the start of the meeting at 5:30pm. Please join us.

These images are from Emeryville’s 2011 Powell Street Urban Design Plan, available to review online here.