Concord Downtown Corridors Plan Goes to City Council for Adoption

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 6:30pm City Hall Council Chamber, 1950 Parkside Drive

The City Council of the City of Concord will consider the adoption of  the Downtown Corridors Plan including proposed improvements within the public right-of-way to enhance three critical street segments or “corridors” along Oak Street, Grant Street (from Salvio to Oak Street) and Salvio Street (from Broadway to Grant Street).

The Downtown Corridors Plan has gone through a significant community outreach process and we’re glad to see designs for some promising new bikeways in the heart of Concord.

Oak, Grant and Salvio are the three main streets redesigned as part of this plan. The vision is to provide enhanced pedestrian and new bicycle facilities on the streets as key routes to and from Downtown Concord, Todos Santos Plaza, and transit. 

Read the full conceptual design plan and project overview here (PDF). 

Join Bike Concord and us at this upcoming city council meeting to voice support for this plan and for a more bikeable, walkable and welcoming downtown Concord.