Climate Ride Training Ride #7: Pleasant Hill to Davis

Sunday, May 3, 2015 - 9:20am to 5:30pm
Meet at: Pleasant Hill BART Station ***Ride will be canceled in the event of rain***

This is the seventh training ride in a multi-ride series leading up to the 2015 California Climate Ride (May 17th-21st). Everyone is welcome to join us for this ride, whether you are planning on participating in the Climate Ride or not. Participants will need to bring:
  • A working bike and helmet
  • water (two bottles recommended)
  • snacks you may need on the ride
  • sunscreen
  • money for Amtrak and lunch (or bring your lunch with you)
  • front and rear bike lights (might need them after return trip)
  • good spirits!

If you don’t have a useable bike and helmet please feel free to rent them ahead of time from Bay Area Bikes near the Bike East Bay offices in Oakland’s Jack London Square.

Ride details:

This full-day ride will start right outside the faregates at the Pleasant Hill BART Station, then head north toward the Benicia-Martinez bridge bike path. Once on the north side of the bridge we will ride on frontage roads north, stopping for a rest and snack in Cordelia at mile 25. We will then continue past Fairfield and Vacaville on climbing country roads, then will head down toward Winters at mile 55. From there we go east with the wind at our backs (hopefully!) and then take the Russell Blvd bike path into Davis to catch our Amtrak train back to the Bay Area (see below for travel details).
This ride has moderate elevation and a good number of country roads with few amenities, so please make sure your bike and all your gears are in good working order ahead of time. No official bail-out spots are available, but we will be passing within a few miles of the Suisun/Fairfield Amtrak station around mile 35 and can help you reach it if necessary.
Route for this 73 mile ride:
This ride is a good way to meet other people going on the Climate Ride, ask questions about what to expect on the ride, as well as get a great, panoramic view of the bay. Find more information about the Bike East Bay Climate Ride team and our full training ride schedule at

Travel details:

You will be responsible for your own Amtrak ticket from Davis to whichever station you will be returning to in the Bay Area: Martinez, Richmond (BART connection), Berkeley, Emeryville, or Oakland Jack London SquareDepending on when we arrive in Davis we might catch either the 4:55pm, 5:55pm (most likely), or 7:25pm train, but a ticket for any of these times will also be accepted for the others as well.

Tickets are normally around $25 one way when purchased in advance, and more expensive when purchased on the train. However, a “buy one at full price get up to 5 more for $5 each” deal is available online here. If you want to take advantage of this deal please email our ride leader Robert ( with your full name so he can purchase your ticket, for which you will reimburse him for in cash on the day of the ride.

Bikes can be brought on board the train for no extra fee, but we highly recommend bringing a cable lock to secure it. It is not common, but bicycles have been known to be stolen while trains are stopped at stations.