Bike Lanes & Repaving at Berkeley Public Works Commission

Putting Berkeley’s Bicycle Plan to work before it is approved.

Berkeley Public Works Commission on April 6 is taking a close look at the $32 million Berkeley plans to spend in the Capital Improvement Budget, with more than $5.5 million for complete streets (repaving+) and $1 million for bioswales adjacent streets. This is their regular monthly meeting. An initial proposal is to repave and do complete streets on these streets:

  Street From To
1 Adeline Street Derby St Ashby Ave
2 Hearst Avenue Milvia St Henry St
3 Bancroft Way Milvia St Shattuck Ave
4 Hopkins Street San Pablo Ave The Alameda
5 Monterey Avenue The Alameda Hopkins St
6 2nd Street Delaware St Addison St
7 Ward Street San Pablo Ave Acton St
8 Milvia Street Blake St Russell St
9 Telegraph Avenue Dwight Way Ashby Ave
10 Channing Way Shattuck Ave Sacramento
11 Hillegass Ave Dwight Way Ashby Ave
12 Several arterials that bikeways cross


All of these streets are essential opportunities to include bikeway improvements as part of repaving projects. The first five streets listed, are opportunities to stripe bike lanes–protected bike lanes, as called for in Berkeley’s new bike plan, going to council May 2 for approval. The other streets are opportunities to upgrade existing bike facilities, and the arterial streets not listed are opportunities to fix intimidating bikeway crossings of those arterial streets.

Bike East Bay is making a short presentation to Public Works Commission starting around 7:15pm on April 6. Join us is asking for ‘state of the art’ bikeways in all of Berkeley’s repaving projects.

On April 8, the Parks & Recreation Commission joins Public Works Commission for a joint discussion on project priorities for Measure T1 funds. This is another good opportunity to encourage ‘complete street projects’ with bikeways as part of every repaving project in Berkeley. Here are the details of the April 8 Joint Commission Meeting: 

Joint Meeting of Parks & Recreation and Public Works Commissions

Sat., April 8

10 am – 12 noon

Open Discussion on Proposed T1 Projects

Tarea Hall Pittman South Berkeley Library


More information of Measure T1, Berkeley’s 2016 infrastructure bond.

Berkeley Member Meeting on Repaving and Bikeways, Friday, April 14, 5:00-7:00pm at Westbrae Beer Garden.