Bicycle Career Day, Oakland Public Library 81st Ave Branch

Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 1:00pm Oakland Public Library - 81st Avenue Branch

Live for bikes? Come check out Bicycle Career Day!

Meet messengers, shop owners, repair people, advocates, frame builders, manufacturers and other amazing people who created rewarding careers through their love of bicycles. Then enjoy free pizza and a short ride led by Reggie “RB” Burnett, President of the Original Scraper Bike Team.

With special guests:

  • Aaron Glick (Product and Purchasing Manager, Public Bikes)
  • Brandon Correia (Co-Founder and Courier, Godspeed Courier)
  • Cain Ramirez (Co-Founder, CEO, and Courier, Cowgirl Bike Courier)
  • Casey Sussman (Founder, Mars Cycles)
  • Dan Hernandez, (Lead Instructor, Bike East Bay)
  • David Liam Archard (Founder, Artist & Cyclist, Brazen Bicycles/Wheelhouse Oakland)
  • Eri Oura (Safe Routes 2 School Educator, Cycles of Change)
  • Fernando Munguia (Courier and Worker-Owner, Pedal Express)
  • Jason Montano (Shop Owner/Bike Designer, MontanoVelo/Broakland)
  • Jennifer Stanley (Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Coordinator, City of Oakland, Public Works)
  • Mary Maroon (professional racer)
  • Ross Evans (CEO and Founder, Xtracycle)

Visit the Oakland Public Library’s website for more information.

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