Bancroft Way Cycle Track at Berkeley City Council

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm Berkeley City Hall, MLK Jr Way and Allston Way

We are the 3rd action item on the September 27 Berkeley City Council agenda. Here is the agenda. And here is the staff report.

Following on the success of Fulton Street’s protected bike lane, Berkeley City Council takes up approval of the Bancroft Way repaving project, which includes a transit lane and protected bike lane improvements on the two blocks between Fulton Street and Dana Street. The protected bike lanes will improve upon and connect to the Fulton Street protected bike lane, and actually start to create a mini network of protected bikeways. Your support is needed September 27 at City Council. If approved, Berkeley will stripe this design in October, allowing the public 9 months to experience the improvements in advance of a scheduled repaving in summer 2017, when the City will make the design permanent or adjust the design as needed. During repaving in Summer 2017, for one day or more, the redesign will dissappear until restriping on beautiful new asphalt.

The protected cycle track you see in this image will connect to Fulton Street’s new protected bike lane, where the East Bay’s first intersection of two protected bike lanes gets a makeover, with additional bike lane extensions and a protected corner island. Your support last Spring of Fulton Street’s protected bike lane is being parlayed into a modern network of bikeways in Downtown Berkeley. Please keep that support coming.

What you can do

District 1 - Linda Maio 981-7110

District 2 - Darryl Moore 981-7120

District 3 - Max Anderson 981-713

District 4 - Jesse Arreguin 981-7140

District 5 - Laurie Capitelli 981-7150

District 6 - Susan Wengraf 981-7160

District 7 - Kriss Worthington 981-7170

District 8 - Lori Droste 981-7180

  1. Send an email of support to your City Councilmember
  2. Don’t know your district? District Maps here:

    1. District Lookup by address:

  3. City Councilmember
  4. Join Bike East Bay and support our work to return Berkeley to national prominence as a leading bike-friendly city

Here’s the draft design

  1. Two-way protected bike lanes (cycle track) on the south side of Bancroft Way, extending between Fulton Street and Dana Street
  2. Bus lane on the north side of Bancroft Way extending from Dana Street to just short of Fulton Street, but with a bus queue jump lane immediately at Fulton Street, as shown in the first graphic on this page
  3. The first graphic shows intersection improvements at Fulton Street, which include:
    • buffered bike lane on the southbound approach of Fulton Street (Oxford Street) at Bancroft Way
    • short bike lane addition on northbound Fulton Street at Bancroft
    • protected intersection on the southeast corner of Bancroft and Fulton
    • and the bus lane on the approach of Bancroft Way at Fulton Street
  4. Two travel lanes are maintained on Bancroft Way in the westbound direction, which traffic analysis has shown to provide ample capacity for traffic conditions
  5. Parking along the southside of Bancroft Way is maintained, for easy access to retail businesses located here
  6. Parking along the northside of Bancroft Way is removed for the two blocks, whice reduces the number of on-street parking spaces by 27
  7. At Dana Street, the traffic light timing will be adusted to create a pedestrian scramble phase, during which all traffic is stopped, and pedestrians and bicyclists can proceed through the intersection. This allows for movements such as an eastbound on Bancroft Way to northbound on to campus left turn; and for bicyclists heading west on Bancroft Way to move into the protected bike lane
  8. On Dana Street, a future two-way protected bike lane facility is planned, and will work perfectly with Bancroft’s new protected bike lanes

Interesting Cal Commute Data (2015):

  • Totals:
    • 76% walk bike transit to Cal
    • 20% drive/carpool to Cal
  • Faculty-
    • 21% bike;
    • 6% AC Transit;  
    • 16% BART
    • 12% walk
    • 42% drive/carpool;
  • Staff - 
    • 9% bike; 
    • 7% AC Transit; 
    • 22% BART;
    • 7% walk;
    • 50% drive/carpool
  • Graduate Students - 
    • 27% bike; 
    • 21% AC Transit; 
    • 9% BART;
    • 25% walk;
    • 13% drive/carpool
  • Undergraduate Students - 
    • 7% bike; 
    • 15% AC Transit; 
    • 4% BART;
    • 66% walk;
    • 5% drive/carpool