Albany Bike About Town Family Ride

Friday, September 16, 2016 - 6:30pm Bikes on Solano, 1554 Solano Ave, Albany

The City of Albany Recreation & Community Services Department is excited to offer the Bike About Town series again! 

Riders of all ages will meet at Bikes on Solano at 6:30 pm for a quick safety review and then head out for a leisurely ride around Albany.

Come a few minutes early to pump up your tires. Ride maps are distributed, and we take off in a big group. There are experienced cyclists to lead and bring up the rear. After wheeling about for a half hour or forty-five minutes we return to Peralta Park, just across the street from our start, for light refreshments, a raffle, and general carousing.

Special thanks to Bikes on Solano!

More info here