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Enthusiasm High in Berkeley

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: September 14, 2015

Over 50 Bike East Bay members came to Sports Basement Sept 10 to engage in the campaign for better bikeways, attractive to residents of any experience and interest in bicycling. Focus was on streets such as Milvia Street downtown, Telegraph Ave, Bancroft Way and Dana St south of campus, Adeline St in south Berkeley and Gilman St in west Berkeley. These are streets with potential to build modern bikeways in the next few years, but only with much volunteer help.

Members had plenty of good ideas. In addition, they challenged us to look at difficult streets such as College Ave, Ashby St and Sacramento St. There is a lot of work to do, and many volunteers interested in helping, thankfully. We need your help too.

Then on Saturday, September 12, over 30 residents joined Berkeley’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Planner and consultants from Alta Planning on a bike tour of Berkeley, bicycling to challenging locations and gathering valuable input from people who regularly bicycle. Participants rode Telegraph Ave, Bancroft Way south of campus, Milvia St Downton, Hearst St, and looked at the busy crossings of boulevards with major arterial streets.

Over the next year, Bike East Bay will be working to build support from local businesses and neighborhood groups for better bikeways on these streets and more. More businesses need to understand that bicycling is good for their bottom line. More neighborhood groups need to see that more people bicycling is good for every resident.  It’s what is needed to create the best bike plan in America by Council approval in July 2016.

What you can do:

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