Dublin Blvd Bike Lane 3-Month Summer Pilot Proposal


Dublin Boulevard 

Bike Lane Proposal



  • As part of a 3-month pilot project during Summer 2014, stripe bikes lanes on Dublin Blvd by reducing the travel lanes from 6 to 4 lanes, keeping the center turn pockets
  • Survey customers before and after the 3-month pilot to better understand how it affects local businesses
  • If the pilot works, complete a more permanent design for new bike lanes. If the pilot does not work, return the street to 6 lanes

Why this proposal is feasible:

  • While Dublin Blvd is congested at certain peak times, most of the time the street functions fine and will continue to do so with 4 lanes
  • According to the Highway Capacity Manual, 4 lanes of travel is sufficient to accommodate 29,000 cars/day, the number of cars that use Dublin Blvd
  • San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito has 4 travel lanes and center turn lanes, and carries more than 30,000 cars/day, and it works fine
  • Painting bike lanes is a low-cost option that Dublin can implement right away, potentially saving Dublin millions of dollars for an off-street pathway

Benefits of our bike Lane Proposal:

  • Significantly increases pedestrian safety, by reducing crossing distances
  • Save Dublin millions of dollars needed to build a multiuse pathway on the south side of Dublin Blvd
  • Provides a direct and safe bikeway connection between San Ramon Rd and the Alamo Canal Trail
  • Is a bikeway design that can be used by more people who want to try bicycling for everyday trips
  • Will create a more walkable, more bikeable downtown Dublin, which helps local businesses
  • A more walkable, more bikeable downtown Dublin will also discourage cut-thru traffic


Why Other Options Are Not Feasible:

  • Bicycles on sidewalks is dangerous, to pedestrians and to bicyclists, and it is difficult for motorists to see oncoming bicyclists on a narrow sidewalk
  • A well-designed, 14’ wide multiuse pathway, set off from Dublin Blvd is a feasible long-term option, but will cost much more than the $5 million 8’ pathway proposed. There is also little funding for such a large project and will take years to compete
  • Sharrows do not have a significant effect on safety and they do not encourage more people to try bicycling for everyday trips
  • Amador Valley Rd is a good bikeway and should be improved as well. However, it does not connect to important destinations such as the West Dublin BART Station, City Hall, the Dublin Sports Complex, the new in-fill development happening, the Post Office, etc.

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