Coliseum City at Oakland Planning Commission: Community Benefits Needed

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 1

Join Bike East Bay and Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) and other organizations at the Planning Commission Hearing on the East Oakland Coliseum City Specific Plan – Wednesday, February 4, @ 6pm at Frank Ogawa Plaza, City Hall, Hearing Rm 1.

CBE and our members are seeking to ensure community benefits from the Coliseum City project. This proposed Specific Plan comes with a lot of zoning changes and uses a lot of public land and investments from the City and County.

Our Vision is to make all of East Oakland a Green, Healthy and Peaceful zone that addresses local environmental impacts, brings thriving businesses that supports the community interest, and does not displace residents and benefit the existing residents.

Coliseum City is not an island for economic development where existing residents left on the outside looking in.  We have one City and one Oakland and we need one specific plan that benefits the existing residents – not just the future residents and business enterprises to come. Existing residents should directly benefit from the General Plan amendments and land use zoning changes.

Make your voice heard! This project will change East Oakland for the next 25 years! Don’t miss this opportunity to let the Planning Commission know what your vision is for our City.

Nehanda Imara
Community Organizer East Oakland
(510) 302-0430 ext 21
1904 Franklin, Suite 600

Bike East Bay’s Letter to Oakland Planning Commission, Feb 4, 2015



February 4, 2015



Oakland Planning Commission

Oakland City Hall

One Frank Ogawa Plaza


Re:     Comments on Draft Coliseum City Plan


Dear Planning Commissioners:


Bike East Bay is a bicycle advocacy organization working to make Oakland and the East Bay more bikeable for people of all ages and abilities. We reach out to and work with thousands of people who regularly bicycle in Oakland, either because they live here, work here or come to visit and shop. We are seeing rates of bicycling increase substantially and in fact the Oakland metropolitan area is now a top 5 metro area for bicycling in the United States. We need to provide more safe facilities for our residents to use by bicycle.


A project such as Coliseum City raises many transportation issues, such as traffic congestion and the need for improved transit, not just for commute trips but for all trips. And in  connection with this, the Coliseum City project needs to provide for state-of-the-art, modern bicycle facilities.


We are pleased with the Goal of the Bicycle Circulation 5.3.2 in the Transportation Chapter:


“Where possible, installation of cycle tracks, or a protected bike lane, are the preferred facility for the safety and security of Oakland’s cyclists.”


While the Plan itself shows bike lanes in many locations, all of these bike lanes should be ‘protected bike lanes,’ as shown above. This means the bike lane runs along the curb, and any parking and travel lanes designed are positioned to the left of the bike lane. Oakland is designing such a protected bike lane for Telegraph Avenue. Busy streets, such as Hegenberger/73rd Ave, Edgewater, 66th Ave, Oakport St and San Leandro Blvd all need protected bike facilities. Paths provide this, but where paths are not prescribed in the Plan, the bike facility needs to be a Class IV protected bike lane.


In addition, nearby neighborhood streets also need good bike connections to the planned area of Coliseum City. This includes Havenscourt/66th Ave, 81st Ave, 85th Ave, 92nd Ave, and Edes Ave. Furthermore, the project should not create new driving trips and the VMT of new residents and visitors should be lower than that of current residents. This is necessary to create a vibrant, walkable community that is well-served by transit. In connection with this, AC Transit bus service on Hegenberger/73rd Ave needs to be substantially upgraded. Perhaps the project can include transit pass for all residents and discounts at new businesses for people arriving by transit. This helps make space on roadways for safe walking and bicycling.


Thank you for your support of our concerns and comments.




Dave Campbell

Advocacy Director