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The Plan for San Pablo Ave is visionary, with many innovative bikeway treatments, such as parking-protected, one-way bike lanes, green paint, super-sharrows through the downtown area, bike lanes behind AC Transit bus bulbs, queue boxes, pedestrian crossing upgrades and more. We need your help and support to make this great project happen.

El Cerrito City Council takes their first look at parking-protected bike lanes proposed for San Pablo Avenue, as part of the San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets Plan. The City is in the process of completing four simultaneous planning efforts that look to re-envision San Pablo Avenue, whiling improving bike safety throughout the City.


El Cerrito considers a road diet for Moeser Lane

Faced with concerns about the safety of both drivers and pedestrians on its steep (20% grade) freeway (4 lanes), El Cerrito Public Works director Jerry Bradshaw has proposed a road diet. The upper portion of Moeser Lane (Shevlin to Arlington) would become a 2-lane road, with left turn pockets,...


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