Building a Bicycle-Friendly Concord

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Bike Concord, launched in 2014, has a lot of successes under their belt already: buffered bike lanes included in the design plan for Detroit Avenue, a recurring community bike tent at the farmers market, and a great group of volunteers organizing events. Bike Concord is kick-starting a community led effort to build a more bike friendly Concord through advocacy, events, rides, education and more.

Bike Concord is a volunteer-led Local Group building an active and engaged constituency of bicyclists to work with the city of Concord. 

We’ve seen great local interest in bicycling via our well-attended bike education classes and through a hugely successful free bike repair tent at the Thursday Farmers Market. Launched in 2014 by volunteers and Bike East Bay advocacy staff, Bike Concord has already had meaningful impact and has pushed for better infrastructure in current projects.

Bike Concord’s mission: Bike Concord is working for safe, convenient, and enjoyable bicycling in our community.

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