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New protected bike lanes are open on Hearst Avenue and Bancroft Way, with thousands enjoying them every day. Next up is Dana Street south of campus and Milvia Street downtown.

Berkeley set a standard when it dedicated two blocks of protected bike lanes on Fulton Street in 2016. They followed that up with an innovative bike plan in 2017 proposing 20 protected bike facilities to safely get residents around town. However, the Plan received much push back because it included the public’s vision for better bicycling in Berkeley, a vision not shared by everyone. Thanks to huge public support, this forward-looking plan got approved and is the City’s basis for pushing forward on modern bikeways for streets such as Adeline, Hopkins, Oxford, Claremont, San Pablo Avenue and more.


Berkeley Pedestrian Master Plan Nears Completion

Berkeley Pedestrian Master Plan Nears Completion

City of Berkeley is finalizing environmental clearance of its comprehensive Pedestrian Master Plan. The Transportation Commission is recommending that a dedicated pedestrian fund (similar to the dedicated bike fund) be used to...


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