Bikes on BART Volunteers

Last August, our volunteers helped to run a successful pilot to lift BART’s blackout hours. The daily blackout periods that prohibit traveling with a bike towards San Francisco during morning rush hour, and away from San Francisco in the evening were lifted for Fridays in August. Thanks to the great work of our BART Bike Ambassadors, the pilot lifting of the “bike blackout” was a huge success.

This March we will have a chance to win full access for bikes on BART. BART will be launching one more pilot – to lift the blackout every day of the week – and we need your help to make this pilot as successful as possible.

Join us as a BART Bike Ambassador on any day during the week of March 18th. You’ll greet bicyclists at the turnstiles and remind them of the rules for Bikes on BART.

With your help, we’ll be able permanently lift the blackout and win BART access for bikes during all hours of the day.

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