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Bike Plans Heat Up

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: August 22, 2016

Three cities just released draft bike plans, two have ongoing public engagement processes, and two just began work on a bike plan update. At least three more cities are expected to start updating their bike plans next year. All of these cities need to hear from you.

We at Bike East Bay are working to ensure each bike plan reflects what the public wants. Your community needs your participation. If you want a comfortable bike lane on your commute, your city’s bike plan should reflect that. Where do you want better bike lanes?

Here are all the updates for you:

  1. Fremont

    The City of Fremont has developed a web-based map for its Bicycle Master Plan update that asks users to identify biking needs across the City. Have a say in Fremont’s priorities for its next wave of bike improvements. Survey here.

  2. Berkeley

    Berkeley’s draft bike plan, released August 29, falls short of expectations in one of the top American cities for bike commuting. The plan also falls well short of Mayor Tom Bates’ goal of Berkeley having the “best bike plan in America.” Send an email today asking for a citywide network of protected bike lanes and mark your calendars for the October 20 Transportation Commission Meeting. More info here.

  3. Pleasanton

    Bike East Bay has met with Pleasanton City Manager Nelson Fialho in response to Gail Turner’s death while bicycling through the busy intersection of Stanly Blvd and Valley Ave, and the City has indicated they can quickly address the intersection, but want to first hear an update on bike priorities at a September 13 City Council meeting. A strong turnout at this meeting is important. More info here.

  4. San Pablo

    Work has begun on collecting public input on the current state of bicycling, walking and driving habits of residents, business and property owners in and around San Pablo. A short survey is live, a first community workshop will be scheduled later this year, and Bike East Bay is looking for members to help organize a bike ride. More info here.

  5. Moraga

    Moraga has proposed a solid bike plan that includes its first protected bike lane on Moraga Road, which will be installed in the next few months as part of a repaving project. There is room for improvements in the draft plan and your comments are welcome until an October 3 Planning Commission review. Moraga website on their new Walk Bike Plan.

  6. Livermore

    Livermore’s Technical Advisory Committee, on which sits Bike East Bay, is currently reviewing initial drafts of the first several chapters on the city’s new Active Transportation Plan, and will discuss this at their August 25 meeting. Subsequently, in September or October city staff will present this information, including Technical Advisory Committee feedback, to the Planning Commission and the City Council for their direction. After that Livermore will start a next phase of public outreach in the November/December/January timeframe to craft Network Recommendations. More info here.

Next year the cities of Oakland, Walnut Creek, and San Leandro will start work updating their bicycle plans. Oakland and San Leandro have released Request for Proposals for their bike plans and Bike East Bay is reviewing these RFP’s and providing input. Stay tuned for more info.

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