Berkeley’s Rockstar Transportation Commission Needs Your Backup

On October 20, Berkeley’s Transportation Commission heard the requests of numerous Bike East Bay members and gave staff direction to finalize what may be a bike plan as good as any in the US. But we need your help to make sure City staff make the changes requested by the Transportation Commission. If we succeed, Berkeley’s draft plan could include a much more dense network of family-friendly bikeways, more complete connections to schools and commercial corridors, and a call to raise the priority of building and repaving bikeways.

We want added to the draft bike plan:

  1. Low-stress bikeways added for seven additional streets, so that the bikeway network looks like the map shown here. Added streets include Parker St, The Alameda, Hopkins St, Colusa St and Monterey.

  2. Establishment of a Senior Planner Position for Bicycle Projects

  3. High stress bike crossings added to Tier 1 priority list of projects to upgrade

  4. Show schools on the low-stress bikeway network

  5. Add 4-way stop signs as an option where bikeways cross busy streets


The Berkeley Transportation Commission was filled with supporters of a better plan on October 20, including many Bike East Bay members. However, a few detractors were also there, and they are not going away. Some are opposed to protected bike lanes, preferring you bike out in traffic next to high-speed cars. Some don’t support safe bicycling on their neighborhood bicycle boulevard streets. City staff need to hear from you.

Send a quick email of suppor for these additions to Transportation Planning in Public Works