BART + Bike East Bay Theft Prevention Program

This exciting partnership between BART and Bike East Bay is focused on reducing the incidence of bike theft around the Bay Area.

***This program is currently on hiaitus, but check out for lots of great info on preventing bike theft and recovering stolen bikes in the East Bay.***

Bike theft is a huge problem, but with the right equipment and knowledge you can reduce your chance significantly of having a bicycle stolen.

Throughout Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, representatives from Bike East Bay were at BART stations around the system during the evening commute, talking to riders about bicycle security and handing out free theft prevention materials.


BART Station Outreach Calendar

Look for our Bike East Bay theft prevention table at BART stations around the system on these dates:


BikeLink Locker Keycard Giveaway

Visit our table during one of our BART station outreach dates to sign up for a free BikeLink keycard preloaded with $5 in credit. This card will get you access to all the secure bike lockers and rooms installed all over the Bay Area (click here for locations). If you can not make it to one of our outreach dates you can click here instead to purchase a card online, by phone, or in person from a number of different vendors.

Watch this video from BART for more information on how the BikeLink system works.


East Bay Bike Share

Bike share is another solution for avoiding theft. By using a bike share station near you to get to BART, go shopping, or head to work, you no longer have to worry about whether your bike will still be there when you get back. Bay Area Bike Share is already available in San Francisco and will soon deploy 1,400 bikes in Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville.

To help launch Bay Area Bike Share, we are promoting the system as part of the BART theft prevention outreach program and with our free bike education classes. As part of a program funded by the Better Bike Share Partnership, we will also be doing outreach to ensure anyone who wants to ride a bike, can ride bike. Ensuring equitable access to the East Bay bike share system for residents in all areas and of all income levels is a priority. Learn more at

Photo courtesy of Better Bike Share Partnership and Lora Reehling. 


Bike Theft Prevention Education

Visit the links below for even more info for keeping your bicycle secure. Sign up as a member with Bike East Bay or the SF Bicycle Coalition to receive discounts on bike locks and other accessories at participating shops.

In the News

This program is made possible via generous financial support from BART.

Additional thanks to our partners at the following organizations for their support of this program.