Need Your Help for Better Bike Lanes on Barrett Ave

Richmond has prepared designs for new bike lanes on Barrett Ave as part of a repaving project, but there are many blocks where the bike lanes are omitted along this key bikeway. Between A and 7th and between 18th St and 24th St, the roadway narrows and the bike lanes end, forcing you to ride amongst cars, many going 30-40mph. Your safety does not need to be compromised like this. We are pushing for the bike lanes to be continuous without any breaks, for the entire length of Barrett Avenue. Can you support this?

What you can do:
Sign our petition in support of a safe and comfortable bike lane for the entire length of Barrett Ave, from the Richmond Parkway to San Pablo Ave. We will have these petitions out at Upcycle! Richmond on April 20 and on Bike to Work Day, Thursday May 9 at energizer stations all over Richmond.

We appreciate the City of Richmond striping a bike lane for most of Barrett Avenue, and on the blocks proposed to get a bike lane, the riding experience is going to be much improved. However, people are not going to use these new bike lane segments if they don’t connect to anything, particularly the Richmond BART Station. Studies have shown that in order to encourage more people to ride, bikeways need to be complete and connect to destinations, or else only the most brave of heart will ride. Richmond is a wonderful city to bicycle in, with good weather and flat roads that are wide enough to stripe a bike lane.

Thank you for your support.

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