INTRODUCED - SB 1061 (Hancock) Bay Bridge Pathway

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Bill Number and Name: SB 1061: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Author: State Senator Loni Hancock (Berkeley)

Web link to bill language. SB 1061 Fact Sheet in a .pdf format.
CA Legislature’s 1061 Status Page

Summary: SB 1061 amends existing law (Section 30915) and adds Section 30914.2 of the Streets and Highways Code. This bill would include, among the projects that may be funded from state-owned toll bridge revenues, a major project on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge consisting of a
bicycle-pedestrian-maintenance pathway linking the pathway on the replacement eastern span with San Francisco.

Background: You can send a support letter to Senator Hancock that is based on the " target="_blank">EBBC Justifications. If you live outside of Senate District 9, please encourage your legislator to support SB 1061. You can download a Sample Letter. Who’s my representative?


  • In adopting a new toll increase on 01/26/2010 the Bay Area Toll Authority questioned whether they had the authority to spend toll revenue on the West Span safety pathway. Commissioner Tom Bates asked to have the authority clarified.
  • Introduced 02/16/2010.
  • Passed 5-2 Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing, Tuesday, March 23
  • Passed Appropriations Committee and will move to debate in the Senate, Thursday, May 27