Local Leader Summit

Saturday, February 20, 2016 - 9:30am to 5:00pm 1970 Via Buena Vista, San Lorenzo

Pictures by Pamela Palma Photography

Your presence is requested: Please join us for a day of planning to discuss regional bike advocacy. As Bike East Bay encourages more community members to get involved on the local level, we want to make sure we’re building a reliable structure for groups to work well together in the long term. RSVP here!

Some of the questions we will be asking: 

  • What will the East Bay’s bicycle advocacy landscape look like in 2020?
  • How can we be the most effective group of advocates, together?
  • How can local leaders support regional bike advocacy, and how can regional level bike advocates support local leadership? 

The draft agenda for the summit is now available at bikeeastbay.org/news/local-leader-summit-summary-agenda.

If you are currently involved in a local bike advocacy group, are thinking of starting one, or would like to learn more about our work this event will be of interest to you.



  • San Lorenzo, what?! Why isn’t this event more centrally located?

Bike East Bay is branching out - we want this event to be a concrete step in the direction of being more geographically diverse. As we explore the East Bay and bring our membership and events out of our homebase, we hope you will enjoy learning more about the wealth of diverse and great communities we work in. Plus we get to see the state of bikeways in new areas and ride on new bike lanes! 

  • How do I get there?

The San Lorenzo Community Center is a 20 minute bike ride from Hayward BART. It’s also right off of the Bay Trail. We would like to organize bike rides to and from BART in the morning and the evening. If you’re interested in leading such a ride, please email cynthia@bikeeastbay.org. Here is a suggested route. We also encourage carpooling! If you’re looking for a ride or are planning on driving and would like to offer a ride, please add your info to this google doc spreadsheet

  • Will you feed me? 

​Yes! We will have some breakfast snacks and lunch will be provided. You may list your dietary preferences or restrictions when RSVP‘ing. 

  • I’m not a member, or have not been involved with Bike East Bay previously, can I still attend? 

​Yes. This is an open event, and we hope that this will be an opportunity for us to learn more about people we represent and partner with and for you to get to know us and become involved. Of course if you would like to help support the event you can always join as a member today at bikeeastbay.org/join

  • I attended Bike East Bay’s Strategic Planning Summit just last year. How is this different? 

​First of all - thank you! Your help in updating Bike East Bay’s mission, vision and guiding principles in 2015 was invaluable. We’re excited to be hard at work putting those into practice and acting upon our strategic goals. In the advocacy department, one of the key elements is to build partnerships and collaborate more so that Bike East Bay is part of a broad voice of change, both internally and externally. As part of our Community Engagement commitment, we also have the goal of serving as a hub that facilitates collaboration between our community partners and identifies commonly held strategies that increase cycling in the East Bay. This Local Leader Summit is a reflection of those goals, and more. We hope you can join us in shaping the future of regional advocacy. 

  • Who else is going? 

We expect members of the community, leaders from local bike groups, our own board and staff and more to be at the event. If you’d like to strike up a conversation ahead of the event, you can RSVP to the event on Facebook and get talking there. 

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