Bikes on BART

Bike East Bay has been fighting for full access of bikes on BART since our foundation in 1972. In November 2014, the BART Board unanimously voted on to permanently allow full-time bike access.

Victory! From no bikes at all, at any time, in 1972, through permits, black-out hours, trials… We made it! Bikes are now allowed at all time on BART.

We’re now looking forward to the next fleet of BART cars, which will include more bike-specific space. And our work continues with BART with the matters of secure bike parking, building more bike stations, and reducing bike theft. 


Victory for Bikes on BART!

Victory for Bikes on BART!

BART Votes Unanimously to Lift Bike Blackout Permanently On October 24, the BART Board of Directors voted to make permanent the bike pilot started in July.  Yes, the pilot of the past 4 months allowing you to take your bicycle on BART during all operating hours and on your own schedule, is...


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