New Temporary 12th Street Dam Bikeway

Lake Merritt MapMajor changes are now in place for bicycles and pedestrians crossing the former “12th Street Dam” during the current phase of construction. Here are the details:

  • Auto traffic bound for 14th Street has been moved onto one of the two new bridges. Bicycle and pedestrian access to the former two-way separated bikeway from Lakeshore Avenue has been cut off. Bikes and peds now share a new separated bikeway alongside vehicular traffic to cross the channel on the new bridge from 1st Avenue (depicted by the red dotted route on the map).

    The new bridge is temporarily configured with one traffic lane in each direction, plus a 12 foot wide bike/ped path, separated from the traffic by a K-rail. Lakeshore Avenue has been permanently converted into a cul-de-sac in front of 1200 Lakeshore (yellow circle on map). There is a narrow temporary path from Lakeshore Avenue around 1200 Lakeshore to access the new path; because this temporary path is very narrow, bicyclists may choose to stay on 1st Avenue to approach the path and bridge.

    The project replaces the former “world’s shortest freeway” with two bridges over the estuary channel. The southernmost of these two bridges (the one that will eventually carry eastbound traffic) is now carrying two-way traffic; the old bike/ped pathway alongside the lake was demolished to allow completion of access to the 2nd (northern) bridge that will eventually carry westbound traffic.

    The new roadway is much higher than the old road, and so the only access to the new road (to be named Lake Merritt Blvd) from Lakeshore will eventually be a pedestrian staircase. Bicyclists will need to use bike lanes on the new roads, or ultimately, the bike/ped path that will be built along the lake shore.
    Lake Merritt Map

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