Redwood Park trail closure discriminates against bicyclists

East Ridge ClosureAn East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) “hazard reduction project” to remove ageing trees will close the East Ridge Trail from July through perhaps September. You can review the notice at EBRPD Closure Hot Link. You can also view a map of the Redwood Bike Route.

The point of contention is that a detour is not available for all users.

Equestrians and hikers may use Stream and Prince trails to bypass the project zone. Bicyclists will not be able to bypass the project zone and will need to turn around at the junction of East Ridge and Prince trails.

A reasonable compromise solution identified in EBBC’s discussions with trail users is to temporarily permit bicyclists to ride on Stream Trail in the uphill direction only. EBBC has requested EBRPD staff to consider this option and we urge bicyclists to join representatives of Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay and the East Bay Area Trails Council in making comments at a special meeting between bicyclists and EBRPD staff and elected directors slated for 7 PM on July 29 at the Trudeau Center, 11500 Skyline Boulevard.

In response to numerous camplaints about the tree removal, the Montclarion (7/25)reported the issue would be addressed during the EBRPD Board Operations Committee at 12:45 PM on July 31. Note that bicyclists have not take a position on the tree removal, only the lack of a detour.