Secure Bike Parking

Mark your bike to deter theft

Please engrave your driver’s license number in a conspicuous place on your bike. That’s right, deface the top tube. Then engrave as many valuable components as possible. Why?

  • Thieves follow a path of least resistance and tend to seek unmarked frames/parts.
  • Cops love to encounter suspects in possession of stolen property.
  • Recovered property can be readily returned to the owner.

Other tips to deter theft are to park near lot attendants or other “eyes”; co-lock with other bikes when possible, lock the frame and wheels (many thieves simply destroy the frame to steal components), and take your bike inside offices, stores, and homes.

Bike racks, eLockers and BikeStations 

Bicyclists need safe and convenient parking. Contact your city’s Public Works department to request bike racks be installed to support bicycling. Racks should be installed in all commercial districts, in parks, at workplaces and libraries … in short, wherever car parking spaces are available. On private property, ask the property owner to install racks. Join EBBC in contacting the appropriate agencies to advocate that BART or other transit agencies install more bike parking racks and BikeLink eLockers. Working with the Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition (BFBC), the EBBC was instrumental in establishing the guarded bike parking facility at the downtown Berkeley BART Station, and lent support to the creation of the bike station at the Fruitvale BART Transit Village, the second largest BikeStation on the West Coast.