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90th Avenue ‘Scraper Bikeway’

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: July 30, 2018

Oakland repaves 90th Ave this Fall, between International and MacArthur Blvds, and wants to design the street in a thoughtful way that celebrates the community and its history. The plan is to improve safety and neighborhood livability by bringing the street down to one travel lane in each direction and include a center turn lane. However, the center turn could be filled with artwork or enhanced graphics to allow for celebratory bike rides down the middle of the street, where the Scraper Bike Team rides.


  • Redesigned street with a center Scraper Bikeway
  • Safer pedestrian crosswalks for residents walking across 90th Avenue
  • Street murals to celebrate the community and its history

Potential 90th Avenue cross section

What’s next and what you can do

  1. Oakland repaves 90th Avenue this Fall (2018) and will restripe the street as shown, with the checkered pattern you see here a placeholder for a yet-to-be-determined design for the center turn lane that celebrates bicycling;
  2. After repaving, the intersection of 90th Ave and Plymouth is getting a street mural, thanks to Oakland’s Paint the Town program;
  3. Volunteer to talk with neighbors about the project and get their ideas and hear their concerns, or volunteer to help paint the street. Contact: dave@bikeeastbay to volunteer.

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